Valérie Hallier


Existential renderings of a human experience, expression, emotion is the core of Hallier’s artistic practice and actualized through various mediums. Each project over 20 years explores the absurdity, the poetry of the tension held between the humanistic and mechanistic sense of Being. By visualizing human sounds, serializing human data, or ranking human methodology through spectral charts, Hallier’s process takes form in immersive installations, interactive public art, or two-dimensional renderings. The result equites itself to the age-old practice of depiction as a portrait artist exploring all mediums including the use of advanced technologies. 

Representing nature, culture, and technology simultaneously within the artwork, Hallier speaks directly to our humanity both carnal, and finite qualities. Process deployed are repetition, compulsion, meditation while working with materials like beads, recycled packaging, flower petals and technology/pixels. Flowers that are often genetically altered, become a potent symbol in the work. 

Consistent with previous works, in the current ongoing series “Déflorée Self” petals have become vessels translating the cerebral and emotional journey of letting go of traumatic experience.  

“I am improvising with collected pressed petals of many colors and shapes to create abstract collages that reflect my inner workings. Inspired by Surrealist automatism, I try to suppress conscious control over the visual result. This process expresses the longing for a communion with the world around me.” Valérie Hallier 


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