Valérie Hallier

Infinite Drawing Therapy

Infinite Drawing Therapy is an on-going series of drawings on wooden planks experimenting with the notion of surrealist automatic drawing. Every image and thought that comes to mind are systematically accepted and represented without the usual planning, expectations or self-imposed censorship. The panels like puzzle pieces connect visually with one another and can be added at aeternam.

A video of animated elements from the drawings is projected on top of the assemblage of panels, rendering the layered intensity of the brain’s activity and suggesting the battle between the conscious and the unconscious mind.

Drink or Draw

Digital simulation of the current series of 8 drawings with a layer of projected animation. Each panel: marker, pen, pencil, ink on wooden planks, 24” x 19” each, 2017

Drink or Draw

1 panel (detail): marker, pen, pencil, ink on wooden plank, 24” x 19”, 2017


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