Valérie Hallier

The Filles

Musical video portraits of 4 young women in 4 acts. In each act, the girls wear the same outfit and sing the same popular French song a-capella, except for act 4 where they lip-sync an American Musical song. The piece critiques and messes with the stereotypes women often have to contend with. It is also an hommage to the George Cukor musical "Les Girls".

The main idea for the video came from my fascination with the Musicals chorus line. Despite and because of the forced uniformity of props and styling, the differences between the girls in the line flare up.

For "Les Girls", the combination of outfit, setting and song explores clichés of womanhood. Despite the uniformity and the repetition, the young women's personalities comes through as their take on each song is totally different from one another. Their daring amateurism often helps emphasize their unique sensibility.
Length: 10:00.


Act 1: The "femme enfant" or curious ingenue. Song: Bébé requin


Act 2: The old fashioned "jeune fille en fleur". Song: La vie en rose


Act 3: The "garçonne" or androgynous gal. Song: Comme un garçon


Act 4: The glamorous showgirl. Song: Diamonds are a girls best friend


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